Westmorland Lamb Hotpot

Be warned this recipe serves 45 so if you aren't making enough to feed the whole village we suggest you used the scaled down version (To serve 4-5 follow the quantities in brackets).


5kg Diced leg of Lamb (500g)

6kg Potatoes (600g)

100g Lamb Boullion (10g)

1kg Sliced, washed leeks (100g)

2kg Sliced carrots (200g)

2kg Diced swede (200g)

500g Cornflour (50g)

Salt and pepper


Our Butchery Assistant, John Oliphant suggested keeping a couple of potatoes to one side, slicing and layering on top of the hotpot in an oven proof dish. Then bake in a 175 degree preheated oven until the potatoes are crispy and slightly browned.