We take our environmental responsibilities very seriously and see ourselves as stewards of this beautiful area for the generations who will follow us.

We are committed to a heather regeneration project and already, after several years of intensive grazing, are delighted to see the purple glow of the heather returning. In addition we have several hay meadows in a mid-tier Countryside Stewardship, which are full of indigenous wild flowers which are left to seed naturally.

Forestry is vital in these areas as a protection from soil erosion in excessive wet years and also to prevent risk of flooding. A forestry regeneration scheme is in place and we have a rolling plan of tree replanting to combat these environmental threats.

We are keen supporters of skills which are typical of this area. The craft of dry stone walling is one which was passed down from generation to generation and, like so many other similar skills, is in danger of being lost in the pursuit of more cost and time efficient solutions.