Our values

Our values are our set of guiding principles which help shape and influence the decisions we make both as individuals and as a family. We believe in the fundamentals of how we do business; what we sell; what we cook; how we operate as a family business.

Rooted in this place

Whatever and wherever our businesses are, we think the most important thing about them is that they are rooted in their place. We are committed to capturing the spirit of a place in any new venture. We seek out partners who can help us create this sense of place and put down roots. From local producers and farmers to charity partners and suppliers, we know that by working closely with those close to a place, we strengthen our reason for being there.

As farmers we understand our connection with the land

There is an old farming saying "Live as if you will die tomorrow. Farm as if you will live forever”. As farmers we understand the importance of working in partnership with the land around us and the impact we have on our landscape and communities. Because we live and work here it is important that we do it well and invest back into our communities because we, our families, our children and our grandchildren will live in this landscape and be part of those communities.

We believe in what we sell

We see ourselves as a food business. We produce lamb and beef on our farm. We source the best products from our surroundings and beyond. We prepare it in our kitchens and we sell it in our cafes, farmshops and restaurants. Unlike any other motorway service area, we don’t have franchises. Finding the right producers and working with them to give our customers the best produce and a taste of the surrounding landscape, is fundamental to what we do.

We relish the fact that our greatest opportunity, as a business, is that we are able to bring these local products and producers to a much wider, national audience.

We run our business like a family

We are a family business. At best family businesses are driven by the long term and by the values behind the business. A family business is not for the next year, it is for the next generation and we see that as a strength. Our family of staff share our values and are passionate about what we sell and the services we provide. However we grow, we all share a sense of what is important to us. As in any good family there are firm guiding principles carried from one generation to the next.

We are better for being a part of our community

We began with our roots firmly embedded in the Cumbrian fells and our heritage within that community. Community is therefore at the essence of what we do. As we innovate and diversify we become connected to the local community we serve whether it is how we source products, build buildings, work with our people or support our communities. When we opened Tebay Services back in the early 70s with 28 local staff we quickly became one of the largest employers in the area. Today we employ 350 across all the sites but however we expand we do not lose sight of the fact that we are a part of that community and that we need to invest back into it.

Small is beautiful

Being small, we have to be more nimble. Our strength lies in the fact that we never stop reinventing. Seeing opportunities and moving towards them – that’s the fun of the job – seeing how the market changes and responding to it in a way that feels right for us. While we are rooted in our heritage, like generations of hill farmers before us, we understand that to survive and grow we must innovate without losing sight of our guiding principles.